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MegaFound Foundation Systems
MegaFound Foundation Systems


  • Is MegaFound an Eco-Friendly product?
    Yes. MegaFound is an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) know for its high insulation values. The MegaFound waste is fully recyclable and reused in manufacturing picture frames or other building products.
  • Can I use underfloor heating with MegaFound Systems?
    Yes! MegaFound can be used with underfloor heating. When ordering we will have to know floor thickness so we can cut to specification.
  • Who can install MegaFound foundation systems?
    MegaFound Insulated Foundation Systems are quick and easy to install by builders. They are also suitable for self-build projects, and the ideal solution for architects and engineers.
  • Where can I source MegaFound Foundation Systems?
    MegaFound is available direct from manufacture New Zealand wide. MegaFound will be cut to specification and delivered to site. Also available: MegaFound Edge Insulation, EPS Sheets, Pods, Accessories. Contact us for more details.
  • How high can I go with my foundation system?
    MegaFound is 400mm high and can go up too many different heights (consisting of individual panels that are 1200mm x 400mm x 65mm.) MegaFound can be adjusted to meet any design that requires thermal efficiency and making sure your client gets the right product.
  • What about outside coatings?
    MegaFound can be finished with a Plaster System Finish.
  • What is Passive Insulation?
    Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow, reducing heat loss in winter to keep the house warm or reducing heat gain in summer to keep the house cool. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the main causes of heat loss in homes. The most economical time to install insulation is during construction. One of the best materials for a passive house/building is insulated concrete forms for foundations.
  • What are some names and terms used for insulation?
    Slab Insulation / Insulated Foundations / Slab Edge Foundations / Edge Foundations / Raft Foundations / Ring Foundations / 3604 Foundations / Perimeter Insulation / Passive Insulation
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