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MegaFound Foundation Systems
Philip Blair founder of MegaFound Foundation Systems

Philip Blair, has over 35 years of building experience. He starting as a trade based carpenter in Christchurch New Zealand, building architectural homes.

After 16 years of building Philip Traveled overseas studying different building technologies and returned to New Zealand to develop one of New Zealand's first leading ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) systems in 1992.

Philip was awarded the NZIOB James Hardy Award for the Excellence in the Building Professions (1998) for his ICF design. Today MegaForm ICF is one of leading building products offering multiple benefits to the building, architectural and engineering industries. 

In 2018 Philip released his own Insulated Foundation System - MegaFound.

MegaFound is the subsidiary of MegaForm ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) and can be used together or on their own help achieve maximum benefits in any build.

Our Goal...Building Better using Eco Building Products that provide structural integrity and better insulation properties, while promoting energy efficiency, ease of use and price competitiveness.

What is MegaFound?

The MegaFound Insulated Foundation System offers a complete thermal wrap for your foundation that will significantly increase the R Value and performance of a Floor slab. Most of the heat loss is at the perimeter of a slab. The combined effect of perimeter and under-slab insulation is an almost doubling of the R value, which equates to halving of the heat loss.

MegaFound is a quick to install, insulated foundation system, consisting of individual panels that are 1200mm x 400mm x 65mm, achieving R2 well above the New Zealand Building Code.

MegaFound Foundation System

Why use MegaFound?

MegaFound is the first step to a warm, healthy environment.

80% of heat is lost through a concrete slab that is not insulted. Save money right from the start of your new build by insulating your foundation. A thermally efficient home results in cost savings due to cutting down on large power bills.


Eco-Friendly MegaFound is an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) known for its high insulation values. The MegaFound waste is fully recyclable and re-used in manufacturing picture frames or other building products.

MegaFound Foundation Systems
MegaFound Foundation Systems
MegaFound Foundation Systems
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