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MegaFound  |  Foundation Systems  |  New Zealand

MegaFound is a new innovative foundation system that has been specifically designed to increase the thermal efficiency and performance of your foundation while offering maximum benefits.

Benefits of MegaFound Foundation Systems
MegaFound Foundation System. Slab Insulation / Insulated Foundations / Slab Edge Foundations / Edge Foundations / Raft Foundations / Ring Foundations / 3604 Foundations / Perimeter Insulation
Thermal Efficiency

High Performance

Workflow Efficiency

Fully Recyclable Waste

Warmer Healthier Homes

Lower Cost & Lower Bills

Passive Insulation
Design Flexibility

Cost Effective & quick to install

Install with underfloor heating for added comfort
MegaFound Foundation Systems

Eco friendly, cost effective, energy efficient building solutions.

Home Owners

Enjoy the benefits of choosing energy efficient, durable products.

Architects & Engineers

Discover the benefits of using MegaFound Foundation Systems.

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